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2. – 3. April 2019 Halle 5 & 6 | Messe Zürich
Bob Dignen

Bob Dignen


York Associates | Boa Lingua Business Class


Bob Dignen of York Associates is an international coach, trainer and leading author in the field of international team and leadership development to major global corporates. As a trainer, Bob specialises in international team and leadership development workshops which he delivers to clients globally. He provides international leadership coaching to C-suite and succession / talent pools, and to leaders of international projects.
Effective International Business Communication, Communicating across Cultures, Communication for International Business: The Secrets of Excellent Interpersonal Skills, Communicating in Business English
Vortrag EN

What does it take to become a great international communicator? - HR driving performance and profit

03.04.2019 16:10 - 16:40, Content Stage 2
According to a majority of large international organisations, poor internal communication is a major problem today and causes significant costs to companies. HR however can drive performance and profit by enabling people to grow their communication skills and cross-border business competencies. Moving beyond problems at an individual, behavioural level to learning solutions which leaders, teams and organisations can embrace for outstanding cross-border collaboration. Learn how HR can implement learning solutions for better internal and international communication during our presentation.

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